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I have accumulated these resources over a period of time from Medium,, Company Blogs, Personal Blogs, Newsletters, Twitter and various other sources across the internet!

Each and every resource here has provided me with value. I am sharing this with everyone in the hope of someone benefitting from this!

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The Story Behind DDA

I had been bookmarking articles for a very long period! The result? As you would have expected, they were untouched in their respective bookmarks section! Now, what I mean by respective is..., I had bookmarks scattered across various apps, some as Browser bookmarks, some in the Pocket app, a lot on Medium, some on Twitter, some on Refind app.

What I thought while bookmarking?

Usually, we bookmark when we find something interesting and would want to revisit it some time again. The problem with this bookmarking was - even though I had tons of articles and resources bookmarked, it was difficult for me to find them. Googling again was much more easier to find it.

A Knight in Shining Armour

Then came a day wherein I extracted all these bookmarks and imported them here in Notion. The project started.. Go through each of these 900+ bookmarks, remove those which are irrelevant now or not that interesting, and tag the remaining ones appropriately. This tagging made the articles and resources more accessible than ever. Thanks to Notion's Linked Databases feature, I was able to create category wise resources from a single database.

Going Forward

I now use Notion's web clipper to clip interesting articles straight to my Bookmarks Master. I later go through the article or site and tag it appropriately. It gets automatically added to the respective section due to the related databases. Now that I had this structure made, I thought - it can benefit others too! Hence publishing this page in the hope of someone finding it useful. I am also planning to add short descriptions for the links that'll help users to know a bit about the resource before jumping on the URL. If you have read till here and find this interesting or have any feedback, please drop me a DM on **Twitter.** I would be more than happy to chat... 😃

Most importantly... This is just the start! I'll be adding more resources each day. Will plan on extending this to community curated where-in everyone can contribute to the database.